Red Panda

Red Panda

Though their names are similar, the red panda and giant panda are only very distantly related by a common ancestor that can be traced back to tens of millions of years ago. Both species were identified as pandas as the word “panda” means “bamboo eater,” and bamboo is a primary part of both the red panda’s and the giant panda’s diet.

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The Rosamond Gifford Zoo is home to more than 700 animals of all shapes and sizes.  From the smallest animal (milkweed bug) to the largest (Asian elephant), the zoo offers unique viewing opportunities for its guests.

Begin your journey in the U.S.S. Antiquities, home to a variety of fish, reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates. Walk through the submarine cave to learn how life forms changed over time and explore present day habitats of the plants and animals that live here. Stop at the cave entrance to check out the aquarium holding the only giant Pacific octopus in upstate New York, and several different species of fish, sea stars and anemones.

Continue through the Diversity of Birds Aviary where you will catch a glimpse of the colors, shapes, sizes and lifestyles in our diverse world of birds.  This free-flight aviary is home to dozens of birds from nearly two dozen different species.

Your next stop is a visit to the animals in Adaptation. As many of these animals are nocturnal, this section of the zoo is frequently referred to as the "dark" area.  Here you will learn about various animals that have inherited unique features over time, which help them survive and reproduce.

Pass through Lion Corridor where our African lioness, Kierha, resides and enter the Social Building. You're sure to enjoy the lemurs, monkeys, apes, meerkats and fossa (among others) that live here.

As you venture outdoors, you'll see dozens of birds residing on the main pond and in several exhibits.  Members of the outdoor bird community include a variety of ducks, raptors, flamingos and other birds.

At Penguin Coast watch the penguins as they dive, swim and waddle about their exhibit.  There are six viewing windows which provide a number of angles to see the birds in action.

Continue around the half-mile path on the Wildlife Trails where you'll encounter gray wolves, Amur tigers, red wolves, white-lipped deer, red pandas, snow leopards, spectacled bears and more!

Don't forget to check out the pachyderm residents at Asian Elephant Preserve. The Rosamond Gifford Zoo is home to six elephants: Doc, Siri, Romani, Kirina, Targa and Mali.

Complete your animal viewing at the Domestic Animal Barn where you can feel wool in your hands and meet Virginia opossum, Ali, and Nigerian dwarf goat, Clarice.  You might even catch a training demonstration with our Guinea hogs, Gus and Briggs.