West African Guinea Hog

West African Guinea Hog

Though once popular on homesteads and small farms in the southern United States, Guinea hogs are critically few in number. The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy has placed them under the most endangered heading on the Conservation Priority List.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your campaign goal?
We are trying to raise $1,600,000

How close are you to reaching your goal?

Thanks to our community and its generous individuals, companies and foundations, Friends of the Zoo has raised $1,730,771  or 108% of its $1.6 million fundraising goal.

Capital Campaign Goal Chart

As of April 5, 2012

When will the projects be completed?

Primate Park Summer 2010 with additions in 2012
Gatherings Summer 2010 with additions in 2012
Asian Elephant Preserve            
Summer 2011 with additions in 2012
Elephant Encounter Summer 2012  

What are the campaign priorities?

The total project cost of $8.5 million will be covered by $6.9 million from an Onondaga County bond issue and county green initiatives. The Friends of the Zoo's commitment to raise private support for these projects was instrumental in securing the multi-million dollar bond commitment from the County Legislature in Fall 2007.

Asian Elephant Preserve and Elephant Encounter     
$6,795,000 79%
Primate Park $985,000 12%
Gatherings $419,000 5%
Endowment $150,000 2%
Campaign Priorities Total $8,349,000 98%
Campaign related expenses $200,000 2%
Total Project Budget $8,549,000 100%

Aside from the funds from Friends of the Zoo, how are the projects funded?

Onondaga County Parks for Tomorrow II                        
Onondaga County Save The Rain Program