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Green Tree Python

Morelia viridis

The green tree python lives in northeastern Australia, New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and Aru Islands. They eat lizards, birds, mice, and rabbits and they can live up to and exceed 20 years.

Range & Habitat

In the Wild: The green tree python lives in the treetops of the rainforests of northeastern Australia, New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and the Aru Islands.

At the Zoo: Social Animals Building

Conservation Status: Least Concern

These animals are not endangered, but destruction of habitat or human interference due to hunting for food and their skins could be harmful to the species. This species is also at risk due to the exotic pet trade.


In the Wild: tree lizards, birds, mice, rabbits, possums, bats

At the Zoo: Humanely sourced rodents to mimic their wild diet

Life Span

In the Wild - can exceed 20 years; In Human Care - up to 35 years

Fun Facts about the Green Tree Python

  • Newborn green tree pythons are bright yellow, orange, or brick red and do not develop green coloring for 6-8 months.
  • These pythons lure their food by sitting very still on a branch and dangling their tail. Lured by the wormlike tail, the prey gets close enough for a strike.
  • Green tree pythons spend most of their time coiled around branches, situated so that their head lies right in the middle of their coils, similar to a saddle lying over a branch.


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Updated March 12, 2021