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Azure Damselfish

Chrysiptera hemicyanea

The azure damselfish or blue damselfish stands out for its beautiful blue and yellow electric coloring. This small tropical fish likes to stay in groups near coral or rocks for protection.

Range & Habitat

The azure damselfish can be found in the eastern Indian Ocean and Indo-West Pacific Ocean. In Indonesia they occur at the eastern Sulawesi and Kai Islands and off the North-West shelf of Australia at the Rowley Shoals, Scott Reef and Ashmore Reef.

Conservation Status: Not Evaluated


In the Wild: zooplankton and algae

At the Zoo: tropical fish food

Life Span

In the Wild: 2 to 6 years
In Human Care: up to 15 years

Fun Facts about the Azure Damselfish

       Their scientific name is: Chrysiptera hemicyanea

        (Chrysiptera): Chrysos = golden and ptera = fin or wing

         (hemicyanea): hemi = partial and cyanea = dark blue

       Adults live in lagoons and near shore reeds in branching corals.

        They are diurnal specials, only coming out during the day.

       Males have more yellow coloring than females or juveniles.

       After a pair is done breeding, the male will stay and guard and aerate the eggs till hatching.


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Updated February 24, 2021