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Orange Capricornis

Montipora capricornis

Montipora Capricornis is a small polyp stony coral with a distinctive outward growth pattern resembling stacked plates. There are a variety of colorations such as green, red, purple, and varying shades of those colors. The furthest outward edges always differs in color from the rest of the body.

Range & Habitat

The Montipora Capricornis is found in the Indo-West Pacific and the central Indo-Pacific, Australia, and the oceanic west Pacific. This species prominently occurs in shallow, tropical reefs and in lagoons. They are known to colonize prominently around 2 to 20 meters of depth.

Conservation Status: Vulnerable

Population Trend: Decreasing
Threats: Increased population densities of the Crown-of-Thorns starfish in which prey upon this species has become a major threat and contributed to the overall decline in the Indo-Pacific populations. The species is very susceptible to bleaching events induced by high sea temperature.


In the Wild: The symbiotic algae zooxanthellae hosted within the corals’ body produces the majority of required nutrients via photosynthesis. The species will also filter feed on phytoplankton or other nutritious detritus drifting nearby. 

In Human Care: Proper photosynthetic active radiation (PAR) for successful photosynthesis. As supplemental nutrition, krill, brine shrimp and other smaller items can be fed to them

Life Span


Fun Facts about the Orange Capricornis

  • The white-hued edges of the Orange Capricornis are a good indicator that the coral is healthy and currently grow
  • The Montipora is considered a fast-growing coral if requirements such as proper water flow, lighting, and water chemistry.


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Updated June 13, 2023
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