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Amur Leopard

Panthera pardus orientalis

Amur Leopards are a rare species of leopard whose wild habitat is the Amur River basin in Far East Russia. This region is the furthest north that any leopard species can be found in the wild. The solitary Amur Leopard is well adapted to this northern terrain.

Range & Habitat

In the Wild: Amur leopards are native to the diverse temperate forests of Southeastern Russia and Northeastern China.

At the Zoo: Zalie and Bob Linn Amur Leopard Woodland.

Conservation Status: Critically Endangered

Amur Leopards are the world’s most endangered big cats due to poaching and habitat loss. It is estimated that the current wild Amur leopard population is 60 to 80 individuals.


In the Wild: Deer, boar, badgers, hares, birds, mice 

At the Zoo: Specialized meat diet enriched with vitamins and nutrients needed for a healthy diet. Leopards are also given humanely sourced rabbits, quail, rats and chicken to mimic their wild counterpart’s diet.

Life Span

In the Wild: 10-15 years
In Human Care: Up to 20 years.

Fun Facts about the Amur Leopard

  • Amur Leopards have long bushy tails. With an average length of just under 3 feet. In the winter, Amur Leopards will use their tail to keep warm, wrapping it around themselves like a blanket.
  • Amur Leopards are excellent swimmers. They are one of the few cat species that love being in water. 
  • Amur Leopards can run at speeds of up to 37 miles per hour. They are also excellent climbers and will carry their prey up trees to consume it away from potential scavengers.
  • Amur Leopards are solitary mammals and can have territories between 19-116 square miles. That is up to 56,000 football fields!
  • The Amur Leopard population has doubled since 2007, thanks to conservation efforts!


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Updated June 13, 2023
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