Rosamond Gifford Zoo

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Adult Zoo Camp

Why should kids have all the fun? Immerse yourself in elevated zoo experiences guaranteed to inspire your inner child. Join our education staff for an afternoon of hands-on projects, themed tours, insider animal stories, engaging activities, and more, while you learn how the Rosamond Gifford Zoo provides exceptional care for all your favorite animals.

Grown Ups (18+) only! | 1-4 p.m.
Non-members: $60 | Members receive a 7% discount

Extraordinary Health Care: The Story of Success at the RGZ
Saturday, March 23

What happens at the zoo when a surprise elephant twin is born, a big cat needs physical therapy, or a newborn monkey needs round-the-clock bottle feeding? Animals at the zoo need check-ups, vaccines, pedicures, dental cleanings, and more – find out how the team at the Animal Health Center works together to provide the highest quality medical care for everyone from the biggest elephant to the smallest frog.


The Deal on Diets
Sunday, April 14

Did you know every penguin at the zoo is hand-fed an exact number of fish, that elephants love jellybeans, and that the eggs our chickens lay are fed to other animals? Learn how animal diets are designed for optimal nutrition, where the food comes from, how it is prepared, and how animals receive their meals in enriching and healthy ways. We’ll even share tips on how the food choices you make can help the animals of the Rosamond Gifford Zoo and the planet too!


Energizing Enrichment
Sunday, May 19

No bored animals here! Zoo residents have all their needs provided for them – and that includes enrichment for physical and mental stimulation. Novel foods and experiences promote natural behaviors and are just as important as veterinary care and proper nutrition for the health of animals in human care. Find out how the staff at the RGZ encourages animals to climb, pounce, dig, sniff, stretch, and snooze – you might even pick up some enriching ideas for the animals in your own life.


How Do You Design a Zoo?
Saturday, June 8

Why are the elephants in a different place than they used to be?Why do the Amur leopard and the black-and-white ruffed lemurs “alternate” in the same habitat? Why are the red wolves so hard to see in the summer? The design of a zoo contributes not only to your experiences as a visitor but also to the health and wellbeing of our animals. Discover what it takes to create extraordinary habitats through an exclusive look into our design process.


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