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Blue-crowned hanging parrot

Loriculus galgulus)

Adorably tiny and luminous parrot. Primarily green and the adults have black beaks. Both sexes have a blue crown and red rump, though these are more noticeable on the male than on the female. Males also have a flashy red throat patch and a yellow-orange patch on the back.

Range & Habitat

Native to southern Burma and Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore & Indonesia.  Predominantly in subtropical forests, mangrove vegetation and other subtropic shrublands. 

Conservation Status: Least Concern

Current population trend is stable. This species’ populations occurs variety of ranges and thus does not approach the criteria for Vulnerable classification. Their population size has not been fully evaluated and quantified and thus not believed to be classified as Vulnerable.
Threats: This species is heavily traded in the international wildlife trade. Since 1981, 75,239 individuals were recorded traded.


Feeds on a variety of flower buds, fruits such as apple, pear, guavas, nuts, and seeds. Occasionally feeds on insects such as mealworms, maggots, and ant pupae.

Life Span

14 years

Fun Facts about the Blue-crowned hanging parrot

  •  Blue-crowned hanging parrots’ nest in tree cavities and is the only species of bird that sleeps inverted and bath in the rain in the same position.
  • Unlike most parrots, the Blue crowned Hanging parrot are noisy, they have melodic nature calls with soft tweets.


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Updated June 13, 2023
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