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Green Jay

Cyanocorax Incas

The green jay is a colorful bird with a green body, yellow breast, black head and blue face. They are about the size of a blue jay. Those in the South American population are a bit larger than those in North America.

Range & Habitat

Green jays are found from southern Texas south to Honduras, Colombia, Venezuela and through parts of Ecuador and Peru to Bolivia. They live in woodlands, thick secondary growth forests, thickets, citrus groves, humid rainforests, lowlands and mountain forests up to about 5,000 feet.

Conservation Status: Least Concern


In the Wild:  A variety of insects, fruit, seeds, spiders, eggs, other birds’ chicks, small rodents and lizards.

At the Zoo:  Insects, fruits, berries, nuts, seeds and commercial bird feeds.

Life Span

About 10 years

Fun Facts about the Green Jay

  •  Green jays, like the more familiar blue jays, are excellent mimics.  They can imitate calls of hawks to frighten away other bird species from food they want to eat.
  •  The northern and southern populations of green jays are so distinct that some scientists believe that they are two separate species.
  •  They are members of the Corvid family which includes other jays, crows, ravens, rooks and more. This family of birds is known for their intelligence.



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Updated June 13, 2023
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